We Measure Safety

We produce context-aware, actionable insights that improve the safety of fleets (human or computer-driven), help price insurance, and speed up the development of ADAS and autonomous mobility.

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We Serve Four Markets

We measure and quantify safe movement.

From insurers to Tier-1 consultancies, safety advocates to local authorities, in the US, Japan and the UK, we are actively helping our partners answer one question:

How safe is safe?


• ADAS & AV functional safety testing
• Continuous in-use monitoring
• Competitor benchmarking
• System-level safety measurements


• Safe Streets, Vision Zero analysis
• AV readiness safety assessments
• Pre/post-ODD route evaluations
• Improved operator selection


• Pre/post-bind risk characterization
• Risk assessment of automated mobility
• Context-Aware assessments
• For drivers, vehicles & fleets


• Objective driver & route scoring
• AV or human-operated fleet evaluations
• Ongoing fleet monitoring
• Route safety evaluations

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The Streetscope Collision Hazard Measure SHM™

The Streetscope Collision Hazard Measure (SHM™) is a continuous calculation of relative hazard. Rather than waiting for collisions, SHM™ measures the level of interaction for each pair of traffic objects.

In any traffic scenario.

We Offer Context-Aware Traffic Safety Assessments

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Latest news, reports, and opinions on how to make roads and driving safer and smarter.

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