SHM is a new measure of traffic hazard, based on two main parameters:

Proximity (separation distance)
Motion (relative speed)

Unlike the rest of the industry, we measure interactions (i.e. non-collisions), shown to be effective predictors of the likelihood and severity of incidents in other areas such as civil aviation and the chemical process industry.

The Streetscope Collision Hazard Measure is:

Free of Assumptions


No other traffic safety measure in the industry does all of those at once - or comes anywhere close.


Objective | Quantifiable | Repeatable | Independent

How is Safety Quantified Today?
By Measuring Post-Collision

Existing measures all have serious limitations:
TTC, PET, ISM, RSS, IMU, AV Disengagements, Traffic Conflicts...

These trailing indicators incur pain and loss in society, and are not an ethically acceptable approach.

We Measure Traffic Interactions (i.e. Everything Before Collisions)

A continuous measure of degree of near-miss allows us to measure and compute traffic safety indicators objectively, every tick of the clock.

No more waiting for years of statistics to make the right decisions.

SHM in action

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how we do it

Streetscope Platform

We take spacial data from humble dashcams or sophisticated lidars and, through the magic of AI and computer vision, turn them into valuable actionable insights for your fleet, business, tech team or insurer.

Camera image: we gather Pre-Collision Street Data
1. Gather Pre-Collision Street Data

Dash-cam footage
Fixed traffic camera
Radar and/or Lidar

AI image
2. AI-Powered SHM Calculations

Computer vision
Automatic camera calibration
Traffic object tracking

Image of generic safety indicators
3. Safety Performance Indicators

High Hazard Scenario database
ODD assessments
Hotspot & Conflict Zone detection

our payg public beta

Coming Soon

Upload, describe, and get results. A simple interface for your own traffic video footage to get powerful insights. Interested in our Measurement-as-a-Service Platform Public Beta? Let us know here.

SHM Platform Beta in action