About Us

This is Mark, CEO of Streetscope

When Erik Antonsson, then CTO at Northrop, and I met twenty years ago, we became fast friends, and loved discussing all sorts of topics over all sorts of brown liquids (depending on the time of day). When the opportunity arose to lead an autonomous vehicle startup, Erik was the obvious choice. Weeks later, with the help of Idealab founder Bill Gross and enthusiastic VCs, we had a company, aiPod. Our ambitions were huge (I was Head of Partnerships), but then the industry took an unfortunate turn after highly publicized missteps by bigger players.

Erik and I had accumulated too much knowledge to give up. At a major AV tech conference in Berlin, we were surprised that no one was pursuing the improved safe movement of vehicles. Erik focused on that goal. And one day figured out a way to achieve it.

We put our heads down, brought back colleagues from aiPod, and built - first the code behind our technology, then the relationships with key companies. Three years later, we’ve created capabilities that go way beyond AVs, attracting the interest of stakeholders in insurance, consulting, infrastructure, and general road safety.

We’re still a small company, primarily based in California and growing organically, building products our customers need and discovering relevant applications of our core idea. We do it all in the belief that if you inevitably improve what you measure, then what’s more important to measure than safety?

“If you can't help but improve what you measure, then there’s nothing more important to measure than safety.”

Mark Goodstein