Mark Goodstein at The InsurTech Geek Podcast

Listen to our CEO Mark share with hosts James Benham⁠ & ⁠Rob Galbraith⁠ his expertise and insights on redefining safety and risk management in road transportation.

March 1, 2024

Listen to our CEO Mark Goodstein as he joins hosts James Benham and ⁠Rob Galbraith⁠ for episode 131 of The InsurTech Geek Podcast. Mark speaks about his entrepreneurial journey, why he and CTO Erik Antonsson decided to start Streetscope, and how our SHM measure is essential when the worlds of insurance, fleets, and autonomous driving are searching for an objective measure of traffic safety.

Titled Redefining Safety & Risk Management in Road Transportation, Mark discusses in the second half of the podcast how Streetscope is helping insurance companies move beyond historical data and harsh events into a world of continuous measuring in context.


Photo by The InsurTech Geek Podcast

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